Whether your looking for a small fire for just a couple of friends, or a bunch of friends, or if you want fire as a border/accent lighting, we got you covered. From 1 fire pit to 25 fire pits, we do fire. scroll down to learn more \/ 


4 feet | 15 people

signature small


small fire pit




Our small signature fire pit is nothing short of amazing. It's our smallest but larger than anything you can buy in stores and a 1,000 times sleeker than any other fire pit on the market. Spanning 4 ft, 6 inches deep, standing 24 inches off the ground, and has a 4-inch lip to safely rest glass and food on; our pits not only give off more heat, they will save your back when roasting marshmallows.


  • Seasoned hardwood
  • 5 hours of burn time
  • Fire Tender
  • Insurance

6 feet | 20+ guests

Large fire pit


large fire pit




Our large signature fire pit is nothing short of awesome; it's our largest fire pit. At over 6 feet square and only 6 inches deep, this beast takes custom 7 ft logs. the pits also sit 30 inches off the ground, making it comfortable for everyone to be around.


  • 2 Fire Tenders
  • 7 ft Custom cut logs and seasoned hardwood
  • 5 hour burn time
  • Insurance

layout your event with any number amout of fire pits

Custom fire pit





Want 3 fire pits? How about 20? We can do as many fires as you would like and in several different styles. From our signature fire pits to custom built fire pits made out of wine barrels, metal drum barrels, grills, and wheelbarrows we can make your event stand out. 


  • Fire Tenders
  • Seasoned Hardwood
  • Set-up and break down
  • Insurance

set the rules and boundaries

pathway lighting

2016-07-22 20.57.30.jpg


Need to light a path for guests? We offer 8-inch lanterns with candles on 36-inch shepherd hooks.  



  • Great for large outdoor spaces
  • Safer and cleaner than torches
  • Marks cautious areas